Side Projects

What else Nayoung can do?

| Processing | Graphic Design |

Processing, Arduino & Projection Mapping

Deep in the ocean

It disappears if the temperature goes up.
Used Processing and Ardunio.


The colour changes based on the location of the cursor.
It drops faster if you blow into the mic. Created with Processing.

Stay 'Kinect'ed

Bring my dancing moment to the virtual world.
Used Processing and Kinect.


As if I got stuck in my past. Or just like a camera flash.
Used Processing and my beam projector.

Marine Debris: Data visualisation

The radius of each circle is based on the amount of marine debris near the Pacific island countries. It goes brighter when you speak something into the mic, and the radius goes bigger if you come closer to the sensor. Just like you pay attention to the issue.

Used Processing and Arduino.

Graphic Design & Drawing

Island of Delft (Mobile Game)

Currently, I'm working on a game development project as a visual designer.

Me as a product: Packaging Design

How to design the packaging showing who I am at a glance.


Learning different art styles

Doodle: Fashion Drawing

There's a moment that I get inspired by surroundings.
Then, I started to draw on my notebook.

Doodle: Industrial Drawing

Inspired by nature

From My Work

Business Card Design

Created business cards for three different companies.

Visual Aids Design

Created supportive visual aids for the companies,
such as presentation templates, infographic images and so on.

Cooking as my hobby