Mars Clock

Develop an interactive clock
showing Earth time and Mars time

Concept Making, Web Design, Creativity
My Role
UX/UI design, concept making, web development
April 2019


As part of my previous course 'Programming (HTML/CSS/JS)', I made an interactive space clock, showing the current Earth time and the time on Mars with animations. The suggested target users are a group of astronauts in the spaceship.

How might we design an online clock for the astronauts
who feel homesick and spend most of their time in the spaceship?

For this individual project, I focused on three things.

Understanding the Detail

Not only taking into account developing a proper online clock with HTML/CSS/JS, but also I focused on the detail of the target users- they were introduced as people with homesick.

From the collected data from my desk research, I found exercise can make our mood better. Also, I thought it’d be nice if there’s an online platform that brings everyone together.  

Design Directions

Based on my research phase, I came up with four main ideas.


Lessons Learned