Digital Designer

I'm Nayoung Jung, a passionate digital designer!
I create engaging experiences for online/office environments.

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About Nayoung Jung

I’m studying UX design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and working as a digital designer at Look-E (Project BB, Odd.Bot and FWDpay).

Throughout all my experiences, I have been in charge of making an outstanding concept for each project and visualised all the ideas in formats of graphic design, prototypes and artworks. I always try to learn how to convert my artistic curiosity into physical objects.

What I believe is that UX design allows me to create a platform or artwork that resonates with users. Also, the acquired knowledge- from multimedia design to UX design- will be a great asset to fill up a given space with a new value through my creativity.

Outside of work, I share my knowledge with others and learn from each other. Finding inspiration from every tiny moment of my life is another thing that I value, such as cooking, going out for running, trying out new beer or cocktails and so on.

Currently, I’m looking for new opportunities that I can dedicate myself to bring the concept of heterotopia to projects. If you think I’d be a harmonious member for your team, please keep in touch!


Illustrator/ Photoshop
Adobe XD / Sketch
Processing / Arduino HTML/CSS/JS


Concept Making
Product Design
Interaction Design